Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 16

It’s the second day of our Relax and Sleep Better Week, and today it’s time to do something that’s A) completely free and B) something that makes a really big difference but that most of us forget to do.

Jump Start you need a rest

The simple activity for today is to go to your diary and choose a day of rest. It’s so easy to spend every day rushing around being busy-busy, or to keep tinkering away at things long, long after we cease to be productive.

The most successful athletes have been doing this since forever, so let’s take a leaf out of their book. It’s good for everyone.

I’m not suggesting that you completely clear your schedule and stare at the wall for hours like a zombie, far from it. But mark some time aside this week, even if it’s the later half of an evening, to take the pressure off. Give yourself permission to not be busy. Have some rest and recreation, recharge.

For example, you could have a lazy night in. Or you could have half a day at the weekend where you just potter around.

Rest on purpose, instead of waiting until you’re feeling exhausted or burnt out. It’s an easy, effective way to look after yourself.

Whatever you choose today, remember to put it in your diary and stick to it. Don’t do something by default setting, actively choose it for yourself.

I’m booking myself a night in on Thursday, and I’m thinking trashy TV and a home pedicure is just what I need. What are you going to get up to (or not get up to)?

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