Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 15

Welcome to the middle of the month, and the first day of Relax & Sleep Better Week. Today we’re starting with something that’s very simple, but can make a good night’s sleep more likely.

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Today’s activity is to tidy up your sleeping area. That’s right – go to your bedroom and tidy it up!

Only joking. But do spend a few minutes looking around the space, and work out how you can make it feel a little less cluttered and more comfortable.

If you need to put things away, prioritise this task. If there’s anything that doesn’t need to be in your bedroom, move it somewhere else so there’s less clutter.

Now think of things that will make the space more pleasant to look at, for example:

  • Ornaments and pictures
  • Bedding
  • Paintwork
  • Lighting

And think about the practical priorities for sleep, such as:

  • Comfortable bed and pillows
  • Right amount of blankets
  • Soft sheets, natural fabrics
  • Curtains or blinds that keep the light out
  • Electrical equipment without bright displays
  • Clocks that don’t have loud ticks

Also make a shopping list for whatever it is that will make the space more streamlined or more pleasant: new storage, new pillow, room or linen fragrance, wallpaper or paint, softer lighting etc. You don’t have to rush out and buy everything today, but do think about making a nicer sleeping area a priority.

If your mattress has seen better days or is the wrong level of firmness for you, seriously consider buying a mattress topper that will increase your comfort (a softer surface for a too-hard bed, memory foam for better support etc), or saving up for a few months for a good quality mattress.

While there are a lot of prices that you can cut around the home, I’m convinced that a good mattress is one of the best furniture investments that you can make and it’s worth getting a better quality one.

Schedule for the week

  1. Make your room relaxing (see above)
  2. Choose a day of rest
  3. Set your sleeping pattern
  4. Try a relaxation app
  5. Physical factors for sleep
  6. Progressive muscle relaxation
  7. De-stress for better sleep

I’m sending myself to my room to put a load of clean laundry and a bunch of stress-inducing paperwork away. What are you going to do today that will make this part of your home better?

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  1. My best advice is dry yer bed linen outside whenever poss. I kno I genuinely sleep better on fresh clean line-dried sheets! Unfortunately my beautiful 13mth old son is cuttin his back teeth @ the mo so we’r not gettin a gr8 nite’s sleep no matter wat we do! Lol!

  2. Hi Allison – ahhhhh, lovely clean bed linen. It really does help, and drying it outdoors costs nothing at all.

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