Jump Start: Self Care September: Day 11

It’s Day Eleven of the Jump Start, and the fourth day of Get Organised & Motivated Week. Today we are going to temporarily get right out of our comfort zones – it’s do something that scares you day.

Jump Start get motivated day 4 do something that scares you

There’s nothing wrong with spending a large part of the week in your comfort zone, and many of us are highly productive in this state on a day-to-day basis. However, in the long run it can cause all kinds of issues, and lead to missed opportunities and a general feeling of being stuck or just not in charge of your own life.

It’s human nature to avoid making scary changes – there is a risk of rejection, of ridicule, of failure. However unpleasant those states are, it’s good to remember that they are temporary and can be overcome.

Everyone who ends up being successful has passed through those situations – often many times – and they’ve kept on going until they got to where they wanted to be.

Also, one thing that seems to be largely true in life is that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So maybe the trick is to keep asking around, keep trying. You can survive a bit of social discomfort, it passes. If nothing else, you might get some useful feedback.

So do one scary thing today. You could:

  • Apply for a job somewhere you’ve always wanted to work
  • Pitch someone with an idea
  • Sign up for a tough class or put in for your driving test
  • Ask a non-profit organisation for help with financial problems
  • Make that dental appointment you’ve been putting off
  • Ask someone out for a coffee
  • Step away from a toxic ‘friend’
  • Introduce yourself to a big-hitting PR agency
  • Buy that domain before someone else does… and so on

Yes, you will be taking a large or small risk, and yes, you will feel uncomfortable. But feeling temporarily out of control for a short period can help to put you properly in control of the big picture of your work or personal life.

What are you going to do today?

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