Jump Start May: Week 2: Day 1

Jump Start May Week 2 Day 1

Week Two of our Jump Start challenge starts today, and as always we have a change of theme to keep it interesting. This week is Summer Wardrobe Week so it’s time to fix up and look sharp.

Day One of Summer Wardrobe Week has a very simple activity to complete: take your summer clothing out of storage and give it a wash to freshen it up.

That’s all you have to do, so hunt around in the attic, under the bed, on top of the wardrobe or wherever else your stored clothes are hiding. Get it all together and do some laundry, and if possible line dry it outdoors for extra freshness.

If you didn’t store your summery clothing separately, you might still find things at the back of drawers, cupboards or the wardrobe that have been sitting or hanging around for a while so you might as well give them a quick wash anyway.

What’s happening here

Yesterday I set out to improve the outdoor space in the back yard so I tidied the place up, washed and dried the deck, and gave it a couple of coats of sealant. Then I potted up some viola seedlings into the prettiest pots I own so there’s something nice to look at, and finally I found some enviro-friendly path cleaner at the back of the mini shed so I used that to clear the paving slabs down the side of the house and get rid of the algae that grew during the bad weather.

We also bought a garden parasol from IKEA, so I think it’s safe to say we’ve done our bit for Home Week and things are looking feeling more sunny already.

Today I’m getting my summer clothes down from the box on top of the wardrobe, and washing and airing the whole lot. The weather forecast looks good so they can dry outdoors too.

How’s your Jump Start going so far? Do you have any clothes in storage that need a freshen up?

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