Jump Start May: Wardrobe Week: Day 7

Jump Start May Week 2 Day 7

It’s the last day of Wardrobe Week, and the end of Week Two of our May Jump Start. Today it’s time to put everything together and work out a capsule wardrobe, maybe something to take on holiday.

Have a look through all the lighter summer clothes you own, and also see what’s slightly warmer for more transitional dressing. Let’s face it, the British weather is very changeable.

Try to create a group of mix and match clothes where each single item can be used in three different outfits. Here are a few pointers:

  • Don’t be scared to use several plain, simple shapes – basics can be dressed up or down and tend to be more versatile
  • Include a few items in neutral colours, so they’re easy to match
  • If you need inspiration, pick a theme (anything you like, from pastels to monochrome, or from luxe fitness wear to vintage, for example)
  • Be careful with patterns – make sure they match, or keep them to either the top or bottom half so you don’t end up clashing them badly (patterned dresses should be fine)
  • Make sure accessories are very different from one another, so you can change up your look easily and effectively
  • Remember extra layers in case of chilly weather – a mac, a sporty jacket, a sleeveless jacket, a cotton knit, and so on

If you’re going away somewhere warm on holiday, don’t forget beachwear, cover-ups for hot sun and evening shade, and at least one hat with a brim.

You may also find that there’s something missing from your summer wardrobe, even if it’s something as simple as a white t-shirt. Think about what’s needed to pull the whole thing together, especially if it’s a versatile or classic piece.

That’s everything for Wardrobe Week. Tomorrow is Day One of our new Tenner Week challenge, so get ready to budget for all you’re worth*! 

*If you’re joining in with the challenge, you’re worth exactly £10. Cash only.

See you tomorrow…

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  1. Dear Penny,

    Looking forward for the Tenner Week tomorrow. See ya then
    Love Pat,

  2. Can you pls give us the everyday schedule for the Tenner Week ? Thx
    Love Pat

  3. I found myself unable to leave the house a few weeks ago as I literally didn’t have anything to wear! So I used the birthday money I’d been keeping hold of, and a bit (lot) extra to buy basics I really needed. Charity shops weren’t helping me out at all so I had to hit the high street – I had to swallow hard before handing over the cash! I also learned I really like orange!

    Looking forward to tenner week too, thanks.

  4. Hi Penny, haven’t posted anything this week but I have been following all the steps. Have washed and put away lots of winter clothes and some to the charity shop.
    Spent an hour this morning having fun creating a capsule wardrobe based around a pair of black and white floral trousers that I got on sale a month ago. I now have about 16 outfits that I can go to whatever the occasion.
    Thanks again for all the inspiration. I am looking forward to tenner week now.

  5. Hi Patricia – that’s great news, see you tomorrow! We’re starting with a Sunday Stocktake and making a tasty menu, and the full schedule will be up on the site tomorrow.

    Hello thrift deluxe – so you *can* take minimalism too far 😉 Oh dear…. Glad you’re covered up again now, there’s been a cold snap. Have fun with the £10 Challenge.

    Hi Fiona – you’re my fashion icon now, that’s very impressive. There’s nothing quite like a good old wardrobe sort out, is there? Let me know how you get on with your Tenner Week.

    Penny xx

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