Jump Start May: Wardrobe Week: Day 6

Jump Start May Week 2 Day 6

Hello. How are you getting on with Wardrobe Week? Today is Day Six, and our simple Jump Start activity is to sort out swimwear or other summer sportswear.

Here are my best tips on getting bikini ready for the summer! Without the body fascism, of course…. You’re bikini ready if you like your bikini, it hasn’t frayed around the edges or worn through anywhere, and you’ve washed it if it’s been stored for a while.

The real question to ask is this: Is my bikini ready for me?

That’s how we roll around here.

Some ideas for today:

  • Dig out bikinis, swimsuits or swim shorts, and check them for general condition (look out for chlorine damage, seams coning undone, and so on)
  • Try things on to make sure you’re still happy with the style and fit
  • Wash stored swimwear and ideally dry it outdoors on a washing line for extra freshness
  • Check accessories such as swimhats, goggles, pool slides / flip flops, beach towels or sports towels
  • Make sure you have more than one change of swimmies if you’re having a beach holiday
  • Check through other summer fitness wear, including trainers, shorts, vests and water bottles
  • Replace anything that’s expired, and maybe treat yourself to something that will inspire you

Make a wish list and do a little shopping around to find those replacements, or just bring your beach look up to date. There are some good deals around right now in all price brackets if you’re happy to trawl the shops a little.

If you need some new swimwear, I can heartily recommend the offers at TKMaxx at the moment, especially the Gottex swimsuit range, and the kaftans and cover-ups.

Are you going to be taking a dip this summer, or are you more of a lounging by the pool kind of person?

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