Jump Start May: Wardrobe Week: Day 5

Jump Start May Week 2 Day 5

Welcome to Day Five of Wardrobe Week. Today we are taking into account how rubbish a British summer can be, and sorting out some cover-ups.

Let’s face it, we get plenty of rainy days or chilly evenings, and they can sometimes strike if you’re out of the country on holiday too. It’s good to have a light jacket, wrap or extra top to throw over your other clothes for a little more warmth.

Today, you can try any of the following:

  • Take linen jackets, denim jackets or light tailoring out of storage and give them a quick wash
  • Put ‘dry clean only’ cover-ups to one side for the cleaners
  • Wash or air a beach cover up, shirt or kaftan
  • Clean hoodies, bomber jackets or sports jackets for casual looks
  • Dig out a summer knit, cropped jacket or short sleeved cardigan for those almost-warm days
  • Repurpose a button down shirt to wear as a jacket
  • Clean up a large scarf or wrap, hand washing if necessary
  • Do some mending, fix a hem or sew a button back on

You might also need to buy something new or replace an old favourite. Do some research and find a good price if you’re making a purchase, or add it to a ‘buy later’ list.

What’s happening here

I have a semi-fitted utility shirt that I wear open as a jacket when the weather starts to warm up, so I’ll find that today and maybe give it an iron if I’m feeling particularly energetic.

There are a couple of lightweight fabric jackets boxed up at the top of the wardrobe as well, so I’ll be bringing those out of storage today and airing or washing them if necessary. There are one or two pieces of summer knitwear in there too, if I remember correctly…

Hopefully the weather will be nicer tomorrow, because I find it really helps to hang things up in sunlight and a breeze to refresh them.

Do you need to find any summer jackets, knits or beach cover-ups? Is anything going on the shopping list today?

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