Jump Start May: Wardrobe Week: Day 3

Jump Start May Week 2 Day 3

It’s Day Three of our Wardrobe Week for the May Jump Start, and today we’re sorting out our summer footwear.

Do you have any summer shoes, sandals or flip flops in storage? Today it’s time to dig them all out and make sure they’re ready for whenever you need them.

For today’s activity you could:

  • Get summer shoes down from the top of the wardrobe or the attic, or out from the back of the wardrobe or under the bed
  • Clean your shoes according to what they’re made of (e.g. slightly dampened sponge for fabric or flip flops, cloth and brush for leather, suede cleaner for suede or nubuck, etc)
  • Air shoes that have been boxed up for a while
  • Use fabric protector, suede or leather protector, or waterproofing spray
  • Move shoes and sandals forward in wardrobe of cupboard so that they’re easier to get to in a hurry

While we put any extra heavy boots away yesterday, don’t get too carried away with your other footwear. British summers are famously unpredictable so you’ll need access to shoes for rainy cool weather as much as sandals for hot and sunny weather.

If shoes are damaged, get them repaired if possible. If they’re past the point of no return, or you need something that’s missing, add a new pair to your wish list or shopping list and keep an eye out for any good sales or offers.

What’s happening here

It’s forecast to rain pretty much all day today, so I’m going to unbox a couple of pairs of sandals and give then a quick feed with some leather cream. I’m also going to use waterproofing spray on some suede and canvas low tops.

As I bought sandals and flip flops in the sales, I’ve decided not to buy any more summer shoes this year unless there’s some kind of emergency. Hopefully this will help to keep the general wish list as short as possible.

Do you have any summer shoes in storage? Are you going to let them see daylight again today?

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