Jump Start May: Wardrobe Week: Day 2

Jump Start May Week 2 Day 2

Today’s Jump Start activity is to make room for the things you’re likely to wear during the warmer months of the year, so we’re putting away our heaviest coats, scarves and boots.

It’s a good idea to make sure the warmest items of clothing are in good condition when they’re put away, so that they’re able to be put straight back to use when you need them again in a few months.

Here are a few ideas for free or cheap things that you can try today:

  • Wash woolly or thermal scarves, and dry before putting away
  • Put anything wool, cashmere etc away with clothes moth repellent sachets
  • Clean winter boots before filling with paper, card or boot forms and put them away
  • Take damaged boots to be repaired before putting into storage
  • Wash thermal hats or gloves before boxing them up
  • Spot clean heavy winter coats, or put to one side for dry cleaning
  • If you don’t have much storage, put things to the back of the wardrobe
  • Mend coats, hats or scarves before putting them away

What’s happening here

I have a heavy coat that’s so warm and heavy that I didn’t need to use it over the winter, and it’s taking up a lot of room. It’s therefore very clean, so I’m going to box it up and put it on top of the wardrobe today with no further fuss. It will make some much needed space for summer clothes.

There are also a couple of chunky scarves that I’ll hand wash this evening if I have time. Again, they take up a lot of room and while they were nice the other day when it snowed, I don’t think I’m going to be using them again for a little while.

What are you going to put away today? Does anything need mending or cleaning first?

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  1. Just bought a pair of summer trainers, my more winter variety have worn down that they need to be binned. My new ones cost £8 very pleased.

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