Jump Start May: Home Week: Day 7

Jump Start May home week day 7

It’s the final day of Home Week and today’s Jump Start challenge activity is to work on our outdoor spaces. Let’s give Day Seven some energy!

The idea today is to make any outdoor space cleaner, tidier and generally more comfortable and pleasant to spend time in. That could be a patch of grass, a deck, a patio, a roof terrace or a balcony, whatever outside space you have access to.

Some ideas for today include:

  • Getting outdoor furniture out of storage
  • Washing down outdoor furniture or seating area
  • Putting up a parasol or sail shade
  • Scrubbing a yard, balcony or patio
  • Sweeping a deck or roof terrace
  • Washing outdoor rugs, bankets or cushions
  • Putting out lanterns or citronella candles
  • Cleaning pathways

Whatever you like, according to the space that you have.┬áIf you don’t have access to any outside space, have a think about what you could take to the park with you.

You might like to add one or two things to your shopping list as well today.

What’s happening here

I have been getting the kitchen garden ready for the growing season, and have replaced the old mini greenhouse and filled it with seedlings, but I confess I’ve not done much to make our little back yard a nice place to relax in, or have a meal in yet.

Today I’m going to clear off the deck and give it a quick coat of sealant, then get the garden furniture out of the shed after the planks have dried. It’s a start. I’ll also be putting a parasol or sun shade on my wish list, in case I spot a good deal on one.

What are you going to get up to today? See you back here tomorrow for the start of a new themed week, where it’ll be time to sort out that summer wardrobe.

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