Jump Start May: Home Week: Day 6

Jump Start May home week day 6

We’re now onto Day 6 of Home Week as part of our month-long Jump Start challenge. Today’s quick task is to look around your living area and make one or more quick changes.

While it’s great to have the place feeling cosy during the colder months, it’s also pleasant to make a living space feel lighter and more airy once the warmer weather begins.

Have a good think about ways that you can make your living space look and feel more summery. For example, you could:

  • Wash furniture throws and blankets, and put them away
  • Change heavy winter curtains for lighter ones
  • Take a rug outside and beat it
  • Bring an electric fan out from storage
  • Put some seasonal flowers in a small vase
  • Change ornaments or generally declutter them
  • Swap heavy or spicy home fragrance for citrus, light floral or herbal scents
  • Paint a wall or two with a light or bright colour

You could also look at some interior design magazines or blogs to get a few ideas for refreshing the living area on a budget. Add a few things to your shopping list or wish list if you’re planning a bigger makeover – you can make quite an impact just by swapping out some cushion covers, a lampshade, pictures and an ornament or two.

Alternatively, add some larger tasks to your to-do list, such as wallpapering the room, painting some furniture, or changing rugs. Try to complete one task before the end of the month.

What’s happening here

I will be getting a couple of electric fans out of storage, as I hear we might be getting a mini heatwave after all that hail and sleet. My other job will be to look for some new cushion covers and ornaments, and maybe a new houseplant or two – a splash of green really seems to lift a room and make it feel fresher.

What are you getting up to today? How are you getting your living space ready for the summer, and what’s going on the wishlist?

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