Jump Start May: Home Week: Day 5


Jump Start May home week day 5

How are you doing so far this week? It’s time for some more thrifty summer prep today, and our Jump Start Home Week activity is to make your kitchen more summer friendly.

Think about the foods we like to eat more of during the summer months, and rearrange your kitchen to fit those eating patterns. For example, you might like to:

  • Move salad bowls and servers to the front of shelves
  • Put extra ice cube trays in the freezer (or make extra cubes and bag them)
  • Make some fancy ice cubes with mint or tiny lemon or lime slices in them
  • Put cool packs into the freezer
  • Clean the salad crisper in the fridge
  • Find and clean anti-fly food covers
  • Dig out ice lolly moulds
  • Put a sorbet or icecream maker out on the worktop
  • Find ice cream sundae glasses / dishes etc
  • Dig out mandolines, veg graters or spiralisers
  • Wash juice jugs and infuser bottles, fill and place in fridge
  • Clean the BBQ and BBQ tongs
  • Dig out wine cooler jackets or beer coolers
  • Make a pot of French dressing or other salad dressing
  • Check food cupboards for BBQ marinade ingredients, etc
  • Put summer recipe books to the front of a shelf, or bookmark online recipes

These are just a few ideas, and I’m sure you’ll have lots of summery favourites of your own.

What’s happening here

I’ve been making some extra ice cubes and putting them into a freezer bag once they’ve frozen, and then making some more. My other plan for the day is to put the heavier baking dishes to the back of the cupboard, and also to look for ingredients to make salads and summer soups tastier.

I’ll add one or two things to my shopping list as well, such as a fridge door jug with a lid to make mixed juices, infused water and spritzers easier to store and keep cold.

What are your favourite summer foods, drinks and snacks? Can you rearrange anything in your kitchen today to make food prep or storage easier?

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  1. Easy day for me today, either don’t have salad things or already in use.

    I do plan to find summer recipes to make dinner time more interesting (garden picnics).

    I’m still opening my windows as the sun is shining 😊

  2. Hi Penny, doing really well. Was looking for ice cube trays in my plastic box cupboard this afternoon, so decided to have a clear out of the whole thing. Now much better with only boxes and matching lids. Threw out loads of mismatched stuff and also took some to charity shop.
    I have been on holiday this week and jump start has helped me focus on getting things done. Thanks again

  3. Hi Vicky – Finding recipes is such a great idea for summer kitchens! Will update the post to include recipe books etc.

    Hi Fiona – So glad this is helping, and you’re making some serious progress. You’ll be glad of all the extra ice if we get the promised sunshine this weekend!

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