Jump Start May: Home Week: Day 1

Jump Start May home week day 1

It’s the first week of Jump Start May, and Week 1 is Home Week. We’re going to get ready for summer by looking at what we already own, fixing it up and making the most of it. There’s at least one free option to try every day, and there are a few extra ideas that cost pennies or at the most a few pounds.

Here’s a quick running order for Home Week:

  1. Summer bedding (see below)
  2. Airing the house
  3. Picnic ready
  4. Travel ready
  5. Summer kitchen
  6. Living area
  7. Outside space

As always, the daily tasks are designed to be simple so you don’t get swamped with them, and they’re quick enough that you can fit them all together at the weekend if you don’t have time during the week. Don’t worry if you miss a day here and there, it’s easy enough to catch up.

Day 1 of Home Week is today, and the task is to sort out your summer bedding. It’s an uncomplicated one to ease you gently into the Jump Start 30 day challenge.

It seems to have finally stopped snowing, hailing and sleeting, so let’s throw off at least one of those extra blankets and make it easier to sleep at night. Let’s make a quick, uncomplicated start on this.

Today, all you have to do is carry out one of more of these ideas:

  • Get summer bedding out of storage, and wash it or hang it outdoors if needed
  • Change a winter duvet for a summer one
  • Remove heavy blankets or bedspreads, or swap for a lighter one
  • Wash thick blankets before putting them away
  • Air out a winter duvet, or put it to one side for the launderette or dry cleaning
  • Air your mattress by leaving it uncovered for a while, then turn it
  • Wash pillows, and/or pillows and mattress protectors

You could also have a quick tidy up of your sleeping area, to make it more restful.

Consider doing a quick stocktake of anything you might need for summer, such as a fan for the room or some new sheets or other bedding, if you have a little spare cash. For example, crisp pure cotton sheets are much nicer to sleep on than polycotton mixes or other fabrics once the weather starts to warm up.

We’re taking the extra winter blanket off the top of our duvet today and giving it a good wash. We already have the summer duvet on the bed,  but had added the blanket during the unseasonably cold weather of the last couple of weeks. Let’s hope that’s over now…

Are you getting ready for summer with me? What are you going to do today?

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  1. Hi Penny, thank you so much for jump start May. It is just what I need to get motivated with the house, me, etc. Today I will get hubby to bring down summer duvet from the attic. It’s been a bit too hot in bed for the past few nights.

  2. Dear Penny, ready for the Jump start this time. Don’t have time for the bedding today, will catch up tomorrow with the vacuuming. Good luck everyone
    Love Pat,

  3. One step ahead for once, hubby changed all the bedding this morning (I HATE doing the bedding, so he takes that chore). I did declutter a lot of the stuff in the shelves next to it though.

  4. Hi Fiona – thanks for joining in and hope you like it! We’ve washed our winter blanket and turned the mattress today, so I’m looking forward to a better night’s sleep.

    Hi Patricia – it’s a quick activity so it should be very easy to combine it with tomorrow’s one (which is also easy). Good luck to you too xx

    Hello Emma – nice work, hubby 🙂 Decluttering definitely counts though, so I reckon you’re off the hook completely with that one.

    Sweet dreams!

  5. All bedding washed. Fresh bedding on, but I have to have brushed cotton all year round it’s a comfort thing. Aired the whole house. And optimistically brought the fan out. It is still not great weather in Rainchester.

  6. Hi Maria – I find brushed cotton a bit too toasty in the summer, but it is nice and soft. Doesn’t the house feel so much nicer when it’s been aired? When I aired the place here it was drizzling outside but it was still an improvement.

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