Jump Start May: Health & Beauty Week: Day 3

Jump Start May 2016 Health and Beauty Week Day 3

It’s Day Three of our Health and Beauty Week, and let’s have a bit of beauty today. Our activity is to moisturise body and/or face, and generally do a bit of skincare.

It’s kind of easy to forget to moisturise all over, but it’s time to make an extra effort today. The timing can be either after a morning shower or before bedtime, and the choice is yours.

Depending on your skin type, you might like to use body lotion, body butter or cocoa butter, body cream, or dry oil for general body skin. You might also need some foot lotion or cracked heel cream, hand cream and cuticle cream or or oil.

For the face, you might like to use a moisture mask, or layer some products such as serum, eye cream and face cream.

If it’s the evening, maybe add some loose cotton clothing over the top and rest for a while to let the products sink in. However, if it’s the morning and you’re on the way out to work then maybe less is more – don’t use too much product if you need to get dressed in a hurry…

Anyway, go forth and moisturise!

Where are all those dry patches? Don’t forget any of them today.

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