Jump Start January: Week 4: Day 7

“Day 28 in the Jump Start January house, and some of the residents are getting restless….”

It’s the last day of Healthy Week and today’s activity is split into two parts. First, spend about 30 minutes doing some toning / body conditioning exercises. Then spend 10 to 30 minutes doing some relaxation exercises.

Jump Start January Healthy Week tone and relax

For the toning you could consider: 

  • A Pilates class, DVD or video tutorial.
  • A ‘shape up and tone’ class at your local leisure centre, college or gym.

Active relaxation is  really good for reducing your stress levels and making yourself feel more positive. You don’t need to learn ‘the wisdom of the ancients’ either – most of it’s very straightforward.

Things you could try today:

  • Simple breathing exercises. Sit calmly, and follow your breathing for a few minutes.
  • Stress reduction classes or books.
  • A free relaxation app, or a ‘better sleep’ app.
  • A meditation class or tutorial.

It can take a while to get the hang of some relaxation techniques, but stick with it and you should see the benefits.

I’ll be doing a bit of pilates and working on my core strength, and maybe a few ‘barre’ style exercises to tone up my legs (holding on to the back of a chair). Then I think I’m going to listen to a ‘go to sleep’ app before I turn in for the night.

What are you going to do today to tone up and become more relaxed?


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