Jump Start January: Week 4: Day 5

It’s Day 26 of Jump Start January – stick with it, we’re nearly there!  Today’s action is to take some exercise with a friend, or join in with an exercise class.

Exercising with others can be very motivating for many reasons. For example, the company can be lots more fun, it can keep you accountable so you keep turning up, and good friends or classmates can give you lots of encouragement.

Jump Start January healthy week together friend

A few ideas you could pick from today:

  • Go on a hike, bike ride or jog with a friend.
  • Move your furniture back and do an exercise DVD together.
  • Try your local council or college for cheap fitness classes.
  • Use a free gym trial membership with a friend.
  • Join an outdoor class in a park (if you’re feeling hardy).

You don’t have to commit to anything long-term. Just try a one-off sample of something to see whether you like it or not, and give it your best shot.

Here at Golightly Gardens, after a nice lie-in and breakfast in bed, I’ll be looking out of the window and consulting the weather forecast before I decide what’s happening next. If the weather’s OK then I’ll be dragging The Beau off out somewhere on a nice brisk, bracing walk.

If it’s tipping it down with rain or we get treated to some sleet, snow, hail or other weather nastiness we’ll be staying in and challenging one another to a Wii Fit tournament of some sort, the sillier the better. Nothing like a bit of a competitive challenge, eh Beau?

What are you going to get up to?


There’s also an ebook to go with this series which contains more information, ideas and resources: Jump Start 2013: One small action each day to improve your personal finances and quality of life is available to buy on Amazon. Please buy a copy and help to support this site.


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