Jump Start January: Week 4: Day 3

Today is Day 24 of Jump Start January, and the action today is to take a simple step towards straightforward, natural healthy eating.

The diet industry is worth billions, and it creates such a huge, confusing amount of noise that it tends to drown out the proper, scientifically-proven healthy eating messages. There’s no real money to be made from genuine healthy eating – fantastic news for consumers, and of course, bad news for much of the diet/food industry.

jump start healthy week eating

Today is about clearing up the confusion that surrounds healthy eating. Have a look at some of the following trustworthy food resources if you need a reminder, and then make yourself a healthy evening meal. If you’re a drinker, have a night off from alcohol too.

Try these trustworthy resources to cut through the confusion:

  • Sensible research-based general nutrition advice from the FSA.
  • Healthy eating on a budget from the NHS, and the BHF.

For dinner tonight, make yourself a meal that contains plenty of vegetables, some wholegrains, and some lean protein. Add plenty of herbs or spices rather than lots of salt if you want extra flavour.

Here at Golightly Gardens I’ll be doing some baked salmon with a little rice, and a big colourful mixed vegetable stir fry. Ideally it should be brown rice but I seem to have run out (damn you, Tenner Week), so I’m going for a sensible portion size of white jasmine rice, about a tablespoon of the cooked stuff per person, instead. My favourite is brown basmati rice but you can’t always get it at the supermarket, one for the shopping list though.

What are you going to cook? Any tips for balanced, healthy recipes?


There’s also an ebook to go with this series which contains more information, ideas and resources: Jump Start 2013: One small action each day to improve your personal finances and quality of life is available to buy on Amazon. Please buy a copy and help to support this site.

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  1. Sound healthy eating advice there Penny – faddy diets be damned!

    Tonight I think I’m making a butter bean and vegetable stew (the snow may be melting but it’s still stew weather). If we feel the need to serve it with something I’ll whip up a small batch of garlic cous cous.

    Now I’m salivating at the thought of dinner…

  2. I’m so deeply unimpressed at this year’s crop of fad diets – so many of them are championed by celebs who have a history of skipping meals and overeating, and going by proper research, these diets are probably going to lead to unhealthy eating patterns in the longer term. Down with pseudoscience!

    Sorry, got a bit ranty there. Meanwhile, your dinner sounds very nice. Mmmmm, stew.

    P x

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