Jump Start January: Week 3: Day 6

Today, it’s time to get creative for Jump Start January and Tenner Week. Enjoy the creative efforts of others, and/or make or decorate something.

Take some time out and try:

  • A free exhibition at a gallery or museum.
  • A trip to the local library to find a book.
  • A walk around an interesting part of town.
  • A parade, fair, lunchtime concert or other free event.
  • Music, audiobooks, or a podcast.

jump start tenner week get creative

If you have time, have a go at doing something creative yourself, such as:

  • A craft project.
  • Painting, drawing, photography, woodwork.
  • Singing or playing music.
  • Baking.
  • Creative writing.

Whatever you fancy, as long as you can afford the materials within your weekly budget.

Here at Golightly Gardens, I will be going out and doing some editing and writing, which should be great if I can get to the other side of town. Transport system permitting. I also have a free downloaded ebook or two to read on the way, and will be taking a packed lunch. Fingers crossed, Beau is going to make a mini roast dinner when I get back.

Total money spent so far: £5.80

Total TV watched: 180 minutes (watched a film last night – no telly left now)

What’s your Tenner Week like so far? Is the adverse weather making it more difficult?


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