Jump Start January: Week 3: Day 5

Today’s task is to keep your purse or wallet shut and hide your credit card. Day 19 of Jump Start January is a no-spend day. It sounds simple, but it isn’t always.

A no-spend day is easiest if you do a little planning beforehand. Make sure you have plenty of free and interesting things to be getting on with, so you aren’t tempted to hit the shops. It’s wise to avoid window shopping as well, especially if you have a tendency to make impulse purchases. The busier you keep yourself today, the more likely you are to be successful.

jump start tenner week no spend


You could also spend a few minutes hunting down some ‘free money’. Collect up gift vouchers and e-voucher codes, check loyalty cards for unused points, or take loose coins to the bank. If you really, really need to buy something today, it’s OK to do it with vouchers or loyalty points.

Alternative activity: If you know you’re definitely going to have to spend some money today, it’s OK to swap the ‘spend nothing day’ with another day from the Tenner Week list.

Here at Golightly Towers we’ve decided not to go to the pub this evening, so a no-spend day has been managed. Looking back I managed no-spend days on Tuesday and Thursday as well, so this will be the third one this week.

How am I keeping busy? Well, we have had more builders round today for assessments and quotes, and we’ve made a serious effort to get the spec for our urgent building work and replacement kitchen together as far as we can. Not what I’d call an idyllic weekend, but I suppose it needed to be done.

We had a nice brunch, and I’m making casserole and dumplings for dinner tonight to keep out the cold. After that, I might just use up the last bit of my TV/film allowance. Watched the first ep of Utopia last night with the ads and credits removed, which came in at 60 minutes. Some comedy might be in order this evening, seeing as today has been far, far too sensible and serious.

Total spent so far: £5.80 (same as yesterday)

Total TV watched: 85 minutes (leaves time for a couple of short shows, or a short-ish film tonight)

How is your Tenner Week going? What have you spent so far?



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