Jump Start January: Week 3: Day 4

It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s snowy, and I’m glad to be keeping busy with Jump Start January today. It’s Day 4 of Tenner Week, and today is the day to make a special effort to keep in touch and be sociable.

Cutting your spending and living on a very tight budget can make you feel left out sometimes, but there are still plenty of ways to see friends and family, or at least keep in regular touch with your loved ones.

Jump Start Tenner Week social

Be careful though, there may be some pressure to overspend, depending on who you’re with. Don’t sabotage yourself by making a beeline for that certain friend who enables you.

Here are a few ideas you can try today:

  • Send an email or free ecard to someone you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Use up some free minutes to call a friend from your home phone or mobile tariff.
  • Chat using a free internet service such as Skype, Google hangouts or FaceTime.
  • Put a handwritten card or postcard in the post to someone special.
  • Meet up with friends for a quick coffee or a drink in the pub.
  • Invite people over for a simple mid-week supper like pasta or chilli.
  • Have a movie night, with homemade popcorn.

Here at Golightly Gardens, I am very behind on my emails (sorry) so hopefully I will be able to get on top of that this evening.

We’ll also be having something hearty for dinner to keep out the cold. I found a couple of little frozen pies at the bottom of the freezer, so will be cooking those up with some mash, gravy and lots of vegetables. I have enough ingredients to make a big brunch tomorrow too: wholegrain croissants with scrambled eggs, spinach and veggie sausages, plus some fruits of the forest smoothies and big mugs of proper coffee. Can’t wait.

Can’t afford to go out on this tiny budget, but as it’s so freezing cold I think I would probably have stayed at home anyway. That means we’ll have a proper sit-down evening meal at the dining table – you have much, much better conversations if you don’t eat in front of the telly – and then have a bit of TV after that. Thinking about watching Utopia with the ads skipped over to save on screen time.

Total spent so far: £5.80 (ran out of deodorant and had to replace, £2.30)

Total TV watched: 25 minutes (Beau put the telly on again, and I forgot I wasn’t supposed to be watching TV again)

How is your Tenner Week going? Or are you just doing the daily tasks? How do you keep in touch with people without spending too much?


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