Jump Start January: Week 3 Day 3

Today’s activity is a very quick and simple way to kill your to-do list. In simple terms, we’re going to vanquish the evil beast by cutting off its head. And it’s lovely weather for a slay ride together with yo-uuu. Ahem.

productivity day 3

If you’re a diligent sort of person you might be adding to your to do list on a regular basis, so that you don’t forget anything important, even the small stuff. This note taking and list making certainly has its advantages, but in the real world it can be difficult to keep up with ticking each item off. The list starts to grow and grow…

Once a to-do list reaches a certain size, it can make you feel panicky every time you look at it. This in turn can lead you to stop looking at it. Neither of these scenarios are particularly good or helpful, and life’s stressful enough at times so why make it worse.

Today, look at the three most important items on your to-to list, and write them on a separate list for the day. One easy way to keep it manageable is to write it on a standard sized Post-It note, and have it stuck to the front of your organiser or the back of your mobile phone. Now work on these three items, plus your related admin (always the 4th item on the list – because it generally takes up more time than we remember to allocate) during the day.

You have effectively beheaded your to-do list. Triumphant return home to the villagers is optional.

If you like, you can also subdivide the remains of your list into ‘best sorted out within one week’ and ‘nice to do but not urgent this week’. But the mead and feasting thing in the great hall is probably going to be more fun – just slayin’.

Do you have any tips of your own for keeping to-do lists under control, and getting tasks completed? Please share!

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  1. Great advice there cos as much as I love lists they do get outa hand sumtimes! I find having separate lists for different things can help stop me gettin overwhelmed for example I have a household list for stuff I need/want 2 do round the house, another 4 my personal stuff, etc. Mite seem a bit obsessive but it works for me!

  2. speaking of lists… I HAVE to keep a Christmas list…what presents I’ve bought for who, where I’ve “hidden them”, where my cards are… I have a very bad memory!
    I’ve kept the lists for the last three year and find it also helps present repeats.
    I do have ” to do lists ” on the go all the time, just need to be a bit more disciplined with them!!!

  3. Hi Alli – short lists all the way! They can certainly get out of control and overwhelm you if you don’t break them down.

    Hi Nikki – that’s a great idea. We all have relatives who buy us the same thing over and over again every year…

  4. Yes definately lists in pretty notebooks! I carry filofax type with me always. Todays todo importants go on sticky postits by the kettle ….. so I can see them regularly during the day.

  5. Hi Chrissie – love the kettle idea. Very handy for people who drink a lot of tea or coffee!

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