Jump Start January: Week 3: Day 2

How are you getting on with Tenner Week? If you aren’t living on £10 this week, you can still carry on with Jump Start January by completing the daily tasks. Today it’s time to get into the ‘make do and mend’ mindset, just find something that’s broken and fix it.

The mending should be something you can complete today, and ideally it should give you some kind of benefit or make everyday life easier.

tenner week jump start mend

For example you could:

  • Repair an item of clothing
  • Secure a bolt or washer on an appliance
  • Glue something back into place
  • Replace flat batteries in a remote control

Up to you!

Here at Golightly Gardens, I’ll be sewing a couple of buttons back onto warm coats, and maybe repairing a hole in a coat pocket. Things that make the cold weather a little more bearable.

I’m out at a meeting today too – it’s in a cafe and we’re expected to buy drinks. Fortunately I have a full loyalty card for the venue which I’ve been saving for Tenner Week, so I get a freebie. Will be going to the pub tonight as well, so am going to have to be sensible with the drinking and the spending, but a least it will be another day without TV overload. Saving that up for the weekend, hopefully.

Today’s menu is porridge with pears and cinnamon, orange juice, muesli bar, vegetable soup, and I might go for the pub’s ‘pie and pint’ offer for dinner.

For the time being:

Total money spent: £0.00

Total TV watched: none

How’s your Tenner Week going? Keeping busy?


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