Jump Start January: Week 2 Day 3

On to day 3, and it’s a virtual declutter and organise for you today – one that could help you save plenty of money! We’re going to organise our e-vouchers and discounts for easy access.

declutter week Jump Start January Day 3

Think about where e-vouchers and discounts might turn up in everyday life. We’re mainly talking about emails, websites and apps, so let’s look at each of these in turn.

For emails, first create a folder called ‘Vouchers’ or ‘Discounts’. Now go through recent emails looking for vouchers and codes, and move any that you find into the new folder. You can also do a general search on the inbox using ‘voucher’, ‘money off’, ‘discount’ and so on.

Another idea is to sign up for a few discount emails from designated voucher sites such as VoucherCodes and MyVoucherCodes among others, if you haven’t already. These sites also allow you to set alerts for your favourite retailers when new codes become available, and it’s worth creating a few of those. Most email software will allow you to direct mail from these sites into your Vouchers folder, to avoid cluttering the inbox.

If you have a smartphone or tablet you can move your discount apps to the front of the apps pages, so they’re at your fingertips as soon as you switch your phone on. You can also group them together in a folder. It’s worth looking for new apps occasionally too, and a quick search for ‘voucher’ will find plenty for you.

Website pages with interesting vouchers and discounts can be added to a designated folder in the Favourites bar of web browsers such as Chrome. Or you might prefer to use notetaking/archiving software or apps such as Evernote to keep all your virtual ‘clippings’ together. For example, Evernote has a web clipper extension that you can use to create a voucher list – this then shows up in the right side of your search results when you’re Googling something ahead of making a purchase. ¬†You could also add something like Invisible Hand to your browser: as well as finding cheaper prices around the web it also regularly turns up relevant voucher codes and other offers.

Do you have any other tips for keeping those e-vouchers and discount codes together, or finding new ones? Please share them!

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