Jump Start January: Week 1 Day 6

How are you bearing up during the first week back at work? Today let’s go for maximum results with minimum effort – it’s all about finding the Quick Win.

Jump Start January 2015 Week 1 Day 6

Yesterday we looked through those bank and credit card statements. Chances are, we all learned at least one useful thing from that exercise.

Today let’s get ourselves a quick win. Pick one of the following:

  • Cancel a standing order or subscription for something you no longer use (be careful if it’s something like a gym membership as these may technically be credit agreements – read the small print about cancellation, and consider writing a polite letter to try to negotiate an inexpensive release from the contract).
  • Tackle a bill that’s too high – hunt around thoroughly to try to find a better deal.
  • Reclaim something that’s been overcharged (bank fees, late trains, cancelled phone contract, cancelled gas bill, anything that’s been mis-sold to you).
  • Complain in writing about a poor or faulty item or service, or take/send it back to the store for a refund.

If in doubt, choose the one thing that’s going to save you the most money.

Yesterday I spotted that I’m still paying £1 a month into a savings account I thought I’d closed (it stopped paying a decent rate of interest so I transferred to a better one). Today I’ll be stopping that payment and transferring the extra few quid elsewhere.

Also, I noticed that when the weather’s bad, I use a cash machine that’s nearest my house. It charges a fee, so I’m also resolving to be more organised with having a little cash on me from now on, in case of mini emergencies when it’s cold and rainy.

Did you find any overspends or other problems in your bank or credit card accounts? What are you going to fix today?

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  1. snap!!
    I discovered some money owed to me and cancelled a subscription I didn’t need so dealt with it yesterday !

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