Jump Start January: Week 1: Day 3

It’s the third day of Jump Start January – how are you enjoying Jump Start 2013 so far? Today’s simple action is to pick a payment where your money is being wasted, and cancel it.

You probably spotted at least one area where you aren’t getting your money’s worth yesterday, when you glanced through your bank statements. Now’s your chance to cut the waste, and claw back more of your hard-earned cash.

Jump Start Wk 1 Day 3


Always remember to check the small print before you cancel, especially with gym memberships. There may be penalties for  cancelling them, as they’re often credit agreements.

On the bright side, cancelling some things with annual payments can get a you a partial refund for the remaining part of the year you’re not going to be using them.

After cancelling, get it confirmed in writing if you can, and make a note in your diary to make sure the payments stop leaving your bank account on the agreed date.

Here at Golightly Gardens, I’m going to be cancelling a magazine subscription. It used to be good value for money, but a change of ownership and a change of editor have unfortunately changed all that for the worse, and I have stopped bothering to read it after the last few dumbed-down editions. Out it goes, and good riddance! Byeeeee.

What are you going to cancel? How much are you going to save?


The pennygolightly.com Jump Start 2013 ebook is now available at Amazon. You can use it all year round, and it contains all kinds of extra tips and resources to make your Jump Start January go with a bang. We’ve put loads of work into it and we’ve deliberately kept the price nice and low – please buy one and help support this site. There’s more information about the ebook here.




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  1. This morning I cancelled two magazine subscriptions and upped my monthly contributions into my ISA as a result 🙂

  2. Well done Gill and Penny Wise! It’s a good feeling to cut out something that’s dragging your finances down.

    It’s also an excellent idea to put the money saved towards a new goal – nice idea with the ISA! Very win-win indeed.

    It can get a bit addictive. I’m now looking at an arts membership I rarely use any more. Hmmmm, is it for the chop?

  3. I’m on the 3rd day and everything is going well, got the book, really excited about the tenner week in particular! I don’t have any subscriptions to cancel, but i’ve made a menu from my freezer to help use up all the food before it goes off and am using up our old clementines to make a yummy dessert tonight 🙂

  4. Hi Gemma – thanks for buying the book! Love your menu idea, and how was dessert? We used up a couple of leftover peaches this evening, and it was delicious (and one of our five a day)…

  5. I’ve cancelled a mag subscription for the same reason – dying to know which one you’ve cancelled to see if it’s the same!

  6. Hi Talia – looks like this is the year for cancelling mag subscriptions 🙂 Interesting to see nobody’s mentioned cancelling a club or gym membership so far.

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