Jump Start January: Tenner Week: Day 7

Saturday’s plan was to attend a free event or exhibition and go out for a drink. Good weekendy stuff. I started out by making a big brunch so I wouldn’t be tempted to snack in town – scrambled eggs, toast, sausages from the freezer, and home grown red peppers and herbs cooked with a can of sweetcorn. Not the usual menu, but a pleasant change.

Then it was off out for a walk along the Embankment and a trip to Two Temple Place to see the free William Morris exhibition. The building was once owned by a certain Mr Waldorf Astor, so the interior was incredibly opulent and intricate, and often threatened to overpower the Morris works. Still, it was an interesting visit to a space that’s rarely open to the public.

Next, it was time for something more (Tate) Modern so it was over the bridge and into the Turbine Hall to see some film-based artwork by Tacita Dean. Lots of beautiful images projected onto a massive screen. After we headed upstairs to the bar, where I spent £2.15 on the coffee I’ve been craving all week. Reader, I drank it. And it was DELICIOUS.

For dinner I’ve used up the last home grown pumpkin in a risotto with some onions, sparkling wine, sage and chilli. There was no parmesan (what kind of a household are we running here, eh?) so I chucked in some cheddar instead and the end result was still pretty passable. We’ve eaten very well this week really, looking back.

It hasn’t been a bad week, all in all.

Did you do a Tenner Week of your own? What was the best bit?


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