Jump Start January: Tenner Week: Day 5

Today’s plan was to have a no-spend day and learn some new skills. It went pretty well: I finally made time to read a few of the useful and interesting articles that I regularly bookmark (then forget to come back to), looked into some new free/cheap seminars and events, and went out to my prepaid evening class.

The side effect of keeping busy is that it keeps you out of the shops, for the best part at least. Managed to curb both my coffee and my chocolate cravings, and stayed on track with the no-spend day too. That’s four no-spend days so far this week which is undoubtedly a personal best.

I made sure I ate healthily too, with poached eggs for lunch and a baked potato with cheese and a massive salad for dinner. Have probably had too much cheese this week, upon reflection. Will have to give it a rest tomorrow.

The Beau put the telly on for some background noise after I got home, but he wasn’t watching it so I made him turn it off. He was not amused, but he did get most of the evening to himself to watch whatever he liked because I was off out, so it isn’t all bad, Beau.

How are other people in your home coping with you not watching the telly? How’s the rest of your Tenner Week coming along?


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