Jump Start January: Tenner Week: Day 4

Today’s challenges are to use up another voucher and eat out for around £5, so I’ve booked an after-work beauty appointment with my trusty Wahanda voucher and a table at Carluccio’s, where I’m going to whip out another voucher (2-for-1 on mains) and try to forgo the wine/beer.

I have no idea how that’s going to work out, but I’m feeling hopeful – and I’ve had a big late lunch so I shouldn’t be too hungry. There was some leftover cous cous from last night, so I added a chopped tomato, a big handful of parsley and a squeeze of lemon to make something along the lines of tabbouleh. Very tasty. I’m also putting a cereal bar in my handbag in case the munchies strike before dinner.

Chances are I’ll crack and have a coffee too. If there’s any spare time I’ll nip into a big branch of Boots to see whether they’re still doing their new-for-old (any brand) mascara swaps at the Clinique counter. Grabbing a freebie would be a good one.

Have you bagged any freebies so far this week? Have you spent all of your £10 yet? Let me know.


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  1. Well done! My freebies this week are going well. ” samples from Lancome, a free cinema visit thanks to Times + and a bag full of stuff from a trade fair. have £4 left – oddly decided to buy a £4 bar of chocolate… eating from store cupboard. weird. but I’m there with ya! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Well done, Redmagda – glad to hear someone got their Lancome sample, I had no luck after trying three different department stores. Did get the Clinique though, and it’s lovely. Have a good weekend, and enjoy your chocolate.

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