Jump Start January: Tenner Week: Day 3

Day Three, and I’m really missing going out for coffees and the like. However I’m going to be keeping myself very busy this evening with some free pampering so that should take my mind off it a bit.

Clearing out the bathroom cabinet last week unearthed a face pack, a body scrub and a deep conditioning hair masque that all needed using up, so I’ll be running a nice bath after dinner.

Might do a mani-pedi if there’s time after that. Suppose I ought to find some relaxing music to listen to as well, but I draw the line at whalesong so let’s not even go there, people. Then I’m opting for the easiest, laziest beautifier there is – an early night.

Before all of that, there’s the business of dinner itself. I’ve raided the long life fridge contents (halloumi cheese, cooked beetroot) and store cupboard goodies (dried cous cous, honey), and added a chopped fresh orange and home grown winter salad to make grilled halloumi with beetroot and orange. It’s a tried and tested easy recipe. I’d better drink a glass of juice and eat some fruit as well, to get that 5-a-day goodness.

Let the face-stuffing and pampering begin.

Are you having a Tenner Week of your own? What did you get up to today?


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