Jump Start January: Tenner Week: Day 2

It’s a chilly January Monday, and I’ve been keeping busy doing my tax return. Bleeeeurgh! Today’s plan was to have a second no-spend day and to mend something.

I’ve managed to stay out of the shops, although I did find myself craving a rocket fuel coffee mid-morning. I had a cup of spiced chai instead, which was pretty nice. The mending pile is next to the sofa and after dinner tonight I’ll be darning a new jumper I managed to snag a few days ago, while listening to the radio or a podcast of some sort.

Yesterday’s food menu was a good idea, and I think we’re going to eat pretty well this week. Today I had porridge with dried mixed fruit for breakfast, and mushroom soup for lunch, and I’m making sure I get my five-a-day too.

Tonight we have Tex-Mex style bean wraps, using up a pack of longlife flour tortillas and a can of pinto beans, plus a bit of mousetrap cheddar. We don’t have any sour cream, but Greek yog will do the trick, and there’s home grown winter salad and sweet peppers to add some crunch. I’m making my own salsa too, with home grown jalapenos and herbs. This is going to be a great easy, spicy dinner for a chilly winter’s evening. Can’t wait.

Secretly I’m hoping there will be some leftovers so I can have a spare wrap tomorrow for my lunch, or at least enough beans and cheese to fill a toasted sandwich. Next-day refried beans are gooood.

How’s your Tenner Week going? Did you make a menu yet?

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