Jump Start January: Tenner Week: Day 1

Ten of your English pounds, seven days. Yikes! Still, it’s easier if you make a plan and you remember to do a few fun things and always, always look out for the freebies.

Today is Day 1 and my plans were to have a no-spend day, and have a look around to see what could be used up. It went pretty well, as that crisp £10 note is still intact and I now have a tasty-looking menu put together for the rest of the week. Nobody’s going to be hungry, and deficiency diseases are similarly unlikely.

We did a little DIY around the house, had a fish finger sarnie, went out for a nice long walk and listed a few more items on eBay as part of the general decluttering. The Beau also went into a few shops, and I resisted the urge to buy bits and bobs in Tiger (although they have some really nice wooden back brushes for £2 a pop at the moment).

I remembered that I had a £30 gift voucher for Tesco, so I found a code for free P&P and managed to ‘spend’ the £30, no more, no less. That’s worked out nicely: after clearing up my t-shirt drawer yesterday I realised I was in need of a couple of new long-sleeved tops, and I treated myself to a pair of cheap biker boots in their sale too.

Tonight we’re having a mini roast dinner from the freezer and store cupboard, along with plenty of veg that needs using up. After that I’m going to use up one of my telly programmes and join the Cumberbiatches watching Sherlock on BBC1 at 9pm. Meanwhile we’re listening to the radio and watching last week’s eBay auctions finish.

Not an especially creative or cultured day today, but hey, don’t want to peak too soon. There’s time for all that later, right?

What did you do on your Day One of Tenner Week?


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  1. I went to Kenwood House and after that walked through Hampstead Heath to Hampstead. I also went into the Hampstead Museum. As I had some credit left on my Starbuckscard I went in there for a coffee and a brownie.
    When I came home I cleaned up the mess my flatmates made in the kitchen and started reading a book.
    As both museums were for free I spent absolutely nothing today.

  2. That sounds like a lovely relaxing Sunday. Well done for having a no-spend day too.

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