Jump Start January: Plan for Week One

The first week of Jump Start January 2013 is solely dedicated to personal finance. These daily actions should improve most people’s financial situations over the course of one week.

Jump start week 1

However, you may have slightly different priorities, so feel free to add your own priority tasks on certain days if you’d prefer.

Here’s the recommended list of actions:

  • Day 1: Start a daily spending diary
  • Day 2: Collect and review your bank statements
  • Day 3: Cut out some waste
  • Day 4: Tackle a debt
  • Day 5: Find a better deal
  • Day 6: Claim something back
  • Day 7: Earn some extra money

Day 1 is designed to be very, very easy and quick, just in case you’re going out tonight and end up feeling a little jaded on New Year’s Day.

On a personal note, I’ll be using the week to file my er, ‘lovely’ tax return online, in plenty of time before the deadline on 31st of January. So my Day 6 (claim something back) will be sorting and collating all my receipts and expenses. I imagine it’s probably going to be a rainy Sunday afternoon anyway, so I might as well get it out of the way then. I’ll make a big pot of tea to help me get though it, and have a nice slice of cake afterwards as a reward.

Are you giving it a go? Will you be doing some tasks of your own?


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  1. Me too!! Woo hoo – jump start Jan!!! Shame there’s not someone called Jan taking part, the comedy opportunities are limitless…. 🙂

  2. Hi Gill and Jackie – loving the enthusiasm!

    Can’t wait until we’re all the boss of January…

    Good luck everyone.

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