Jump Start January: Plan for Week 3

The third week of the Jump Start is Tenner Week, or £10 Week. It’s timed to coincide with the days before most people have their payday, just when they tend to have the least money. It’s the perfect time to do some really serious budgeting.

tenner week intro


There are two main rules:

Rule 1: You work in cash, allowing £10 for the week. This is the discretionary money you spend on yourself every day – coffees, lunches, clothes, going out, groceries and so on.

Rule 2: You must not sit at home watching television all night, every night. You can pick 2 films, or 3 hours of TV shows to watch at home during the week, but you’ll have to find other ways to keep yourself entertained after that.

The £10 doesn’t include rent, utility bills, prescription charges, pet food, vet bills, stuff for kids, direct debits and things like gym memberships, courses or tickets you have already paid for, and gift vouchers you’ve received. The £10 also excludes a weekly travel card or bus pass, or petrol for work trips.

Daily Tenner Week activities

We will also be doing one new thing every day. If you can’t do a full £10 week for whatever reason, you can still do these activities as part of Jump Start January, so you’re still doing one good thing on a daily basis and making some personal progress.  Also, you can do a Tenner Week as a stand-alone activity, even if you aren’t taking part in Jump Start January.

  • Day 1: Check food and make a menu
  • Day 2: Mend something
  • Day 3: Make time to relax
  • Day 4: Keep in touch
  • Day 5: Spend nothing day
  • Day 6: Get creative
  • Day 7: Learn something new

Look out for the #10Week hashtag on Twitter to find out what other people are getting up to. Please share any bright ideas or general progress too, we’d love to hear about it.

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