Jump Start January: Plan for Week 2

We’ve had an impressive turn-out for Week 1 of Jump Start January, and we kicked our finances into shape. Now it’s time for a slight change of scenery to keep things nice and fresh. Here comes Week 2, also known as Declutter Week.

Just about every home could use a little decluttering here and there, and as an added bonus you might end up with stuff to sell on an auction site, or at a car boot sale.

sp-studio week 2 intro

Here’s the running order for Week 2:

  • Day 1: Empty, clean and re-stock work bag
  • Day 2: Tackle the ‘crash zone’ (where you drop everything when you arrive home)
  • Day 3: Organise the bathroom cabinet
  • Day 4: Sort out home paperwork
  • Day 5: Clear out and clean the fridge
  • Day 6: Organise the ‘junk drawer’
  • Day 7: Tidy and re-stock underwear drawer

If there’s another area in your home that you’d like to declutter, go for it, but don’t try to tackle a whole room in one go. Pick stuff you can easily complete in one session.

What do you need to know about decluttering?

Clutter can be daunting, and it helps to follow a method when you’re clearing it. It’s also helpful if you set a timer so you don’t get sidetracked.

Each declutter follows the same pattern:

  • Decide exactly how you want this space to function.
  • Quickly empty the chosen space and clean it.
  • Sort the clutter rapidly into 3 piles: ‘lives here’, ‘keep but move to new location’, and ‘get rid of this’.
  • Add storage or organisational items if necessary.
  • Put (clean) ‘lives here’ items back; put the ‘keep but move’ items away in their new/correct home; and take any ‘get rid’ rubbish items outside to the dustbin or recycling bin. This must all be done on the same day.
  • Place the remaining ‘get rid’ saleable items into a labelled container for selling, or donate them to charity. Create your listings or go to the charity shop by the end of the week.

What are you going to declutter?


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  1. I am gagging to have a big spring clean, but just haven’t had the time yet. I hate clutter, and my wife is terrible at accumulating junk. It really clears your mind. I also plan on adding a fresh coat of magnolia to the walls. Freshen things up a little!

  2. Hi Jamie! Thanks for commenting – I find it best to do small declutters here and there, rather than a big spring clean. I’m the sort of person who might put a big spring clean off 🙂

    Have to agree though, a bit of decluttering makes the place look a lot nicer and it does make things more relaxing.

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