Jump Start January: Personal Finance Week: Day 4

For Day Four I thought it would be good to look at a few (legal) ways to make a little extra money.

I specifically mean extra cash on top of, and different from, your usual day job. The reason for doing this is that wages aren’t keeping pace with inflation, and far fewer of us will be able to get a promotion or better-paying job this year. In other words our spare cash is drying up, our standard of living is being eroded, and earning more to make up the shortfall through the standard routes is trickier than it used to be.

Now, you could start moonlighting, doing the same stuff as your day job, but most employers don’t like this and you don’t want to compromise or lose your main source of income. For most people it makes more sense to find other ways to earn.

Today I’ll be writing up a basic plan to earn a little spare cash throughout the year, and committing to recording my progress at the end of each month over in the new Extra, Extra! section of the site.

I will be getting on with the following:

  • Setting aside three things to sell on eBay
  • Researching musicMagpie and other ways to sell CDs, DVDs etc
  • Researching google adsense/adwords and other ads (might not use)
  • Re-starting Skimlinks properly
  • Using TopCashBack to earn cashback on my online shopping
  • Signing up for market research/surveys that pay cash/Amazon vouchers

How are you going to earn a bit Extra, Extra this year? Care to join me in my 2012 project?


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  1. I’ll do the ebay thing – I’ve decided to declutter so I have stacks of items that have sat in my wardrobe for years that I’ll never wear again.

    I also do Stella & Dot jewellery as it is a way of earning extra income but without incurring child care expenses as I do trunk shows mainly in the evening. It is really social so it works for me with my fashion background.


  2. Hello! Thanks for commenting – after a good rummage (!) I’ll be eBaying a necklace, a dress and a pack of weird-looking serving spoons. Good luck with your declutter. We’ll have some fast and furious daily declutters on the site starting on the 8th of January if you’d like to join in with some of those too.

    Penny x

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