Jump Start January: My Week 4 healthy plan

We’ve made it to Week Four already, after making some serious inroads into personal finance, decluttering, and cutting right back on weekly outgoings. This week is all about little things to try on a daily basis to improve health and wellbeing, without spending a fortune.

It’s very common to make massive health resolutions in January, so I’m interested in seeing whether micro resolutions could be a more simple, manageable way to start.

You can base your own week on your personal priorities, but here’s my list for the next seven days:

  1. Relax properly (not drinking beer in front of the telly)
  2. Cardio training
  3. Go for a swim
  4. Take seven: eat seven portions of fruit/veg
  5. Core weights workout
  6. Flexibility exercises
  7. Look at work-life balance

What small actions are you going to try to improve your health and wellbeing this week?


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