Jump Start January: How it works

Hello again! Hope you all had wonderful Christmasses, Hanukkas, Yuletides, mid-Winter debauches or whatever else you might have been getting up to. I hardly dare ask… But now, the big question. Are you ready to Jump Start your January?

Jump Start January is about doing one small, simple thing every day to improve your personal finances and/or your quality of life. The idea is to create real steady progress without committing to overwhelmingly large year-long resolutions. By the end of January you should definitely be able to look back and feel proud of all you’ve achieved.

From tomorrow I’ll be trying one new thing every day, with a new theme each week. It’s meant to be flexible, so if you’re busy, ill, travelling etc on some days then you can catch up with your actions/tasks once or twice a week if you prefer. This way missing a day won’t block your general progress or make you feel like you’ve messed the whole thing up.

The weekly themes for January are as follows:

  • Week 1,1-7 Jan: Personal finance week (organise your finances, work out where you stand, tackle debts etc)
  • Week 2, 8-14 Jan: Decluttering week (tidy up, get organised, make your life easier and your home nicer)
  • Week 3, 15-21 Jan: Tenner week (live on £10 for the week, with a new thrifty challenge every day)
  • Week 4, 22-28 Jan: Health and wellbeing week (healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, pampering and more)
  • Week 5, 29-31 Jan: Reflect and look ahead (what worked, what didn’t, and what to try next)

What I get up to each day isn’t anything compulsory that you need to copy – you’re free pick your own seven simple weekly tasks to fit around your own long or short term goals.  My only suggestion is to stick to the weekly themes, keep tasks below two hours, and try to mix in a few actions that only take a few minutes, in case you end up trying to do them all in one day.

Share the Jump Start January love

Please keep in touch if you’re trying Jump Start January yourself. I’d love to hear what you decide to get up to. The Twitter hashtag is #JSJan, so look out for that if you like a tweet. Make your own plan that fits around your personal priorities, then share your ideas, challenges and good news.

Can’t commit for a month?

If a month is too much of a commitment, you’re also very welcome to join in just with Week 3: Tenner Week. It’s the week before payday for most people so it could be a real help if your festive season turned out to be more expensive than you expected.


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