Jump Start January: Healthy Week: Day 6

Flexibility exercises were scheduled in for today, and I have to say the timing was perfect. I finished the working day at 6pm, did half an hour of stretching and then went off and got ready for a night out.

I’d forgotten how relaxing it is – it’s the sort of stuff most gym bunnies should do more of at the end of a workout, and you should always go at a slow pace. Really rather nice.

In the end I used a mixture of gym stretches and yoga poses, including a somewhat giddy backbend to finish off with. Am pleased to report that I can still touch my toes without crying with pain, although I clearly should be working on flexibility more often.

Forgot to stretch out the gluteals, comedy mileage there for sure, but managed all the other major muscle groups, holding each pose for at least one minute.

Result: My buns aren’t impressed, but the rest of me feels pretty good and it’s a great way to unwind and get ready for the weekend.

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