Jump Start January: Healthy Week: Day 4

After switching the days around yesterday because of weird delivery times and couriers not doing their jobs properly, this was supposed to be ‘go for a swim day‘.

Confession: the pool was only available between noon and 4pm, and it’s a fairly long train ride away from my house. I didn’t get my day’s freelance work finished in time to travel there and have a proper swim.

I’m not sure whether I could have worked faster and was subconsciously sabotaging myself, I have to be honest. It was also cold and rainy and perhaps that affected my motivation. Whatever went wrong with the plan to go swimming, at least I got my paid work delivered.

Upon reflection, I planned too many 2hr+ tasks for Healthy Week, as I forgot to include travel times. They also didn’t fit with the ethos of the rest of the weekly plans, where a weekend-day catchup session was a possible alternative to seven short daily tasks. It’s an opportunity to tweak future Healthy Weeks though, so I’ll keep it in mind if I do another one.

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