Jump Start January: Healthy Week: Day 3

I’ve swapped the plans for Day Three and Day Four around because I’m waiting in for a parcel. True to form, the blasted thing hasn’t been delivered and I’m still waiting for the van. Meanwhile, I’m going to have seven portions of fruit or veg today.

Five portions of fruit/veg is what the average person needs for their health basics. I’m going to go a bit further and have seven, simple as that. The trick is to have plenty of variety in there. If you’re unsure about what counts as one of your five a day then this NHS food guide is nice and simple and sensible.

It’s easy once you get started. Here’s my menu:

  1. Small handful of dried mixed fruit with breakfast cereal
  2. Glass of juice (cranberry, no sugar)
  3. Snack: an orange
  4. Lunch: spicy bean and spinach fritters
  5. Dinner: vegetable pizza (80g mixed onion, peppers, mushrooms)
  6. Side salad
  7. Dessert: pineapple (canned in own juice)

I had to remember to have that fruit snack, and lunch was a bit of an extra effort, but apart from that it’s not been anything out of the ordinary.

Do you find it easy to remember to eat enough fruit and veggies? Do you have any bright ideas for getting more into your diet?



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  1. Since moving in with Pete my fruit and veg consumption has been woeful as he doesn’t eat any! I’m starting to make smoothies, add banana to my porridge and use those frozen portions of veg though to get more. Might have to add juices to that, didn’t realise they counted!

  2. Hi Emma! You can count one small juice per day, which I think makes it a little more convenient and slightly easier. The thing about having seven helpings in one day is that it really fills you up, and stops you snacking on less healthy foods. I’m stuffed, couldn’t eat another thing.

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