Jump Start January 2018 schedule

Jump Start January 2018 weekly schedule

Hi there. This is a reminder that a brand new mini Jump Start January challenge will be starting on Monday the first of January, 2018. The theme will be ‘Boost your happiness and wellbeing‘, and I hope you can join us for a free seven-day programme with something new to try every day.

Happiness and wellbeing are quite broad subjects, so the daily mini-challenges will be varied and different too.

Before we get started, you might like to take a few moments to think about what happiness and wellbeing mean to you personally. Everyone is different and you’ll be able to try plenty of new things out, tailoring the days to your individual preferences.

For some people, happiness is a feeling of peace and relaxation, for others it’s joy or contentment, excitement or love. For others still, it can be living with a sense of purpose, following your dreams or meeting a personal goal. What does it mean to you?

Here are some of the fun, interesting and uplifting things that we’re going to be trying out next week – there’s sure to be something there for just about everyone. Give it a try anyway, you might just surprise yourself…


7-Day Jump Start Schedule

Day 1: SELF CARE: Get out into nature.

Day 2: RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN: Complain less, fix more.

Day 3: CONFIDENCE TRICKS: Walk tall, think big.

Day 4: YES TO… : Make your own happiness play fort.

Day 5: AMP IT UP: Something to look forward to.

Day 6: ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Take a worry dump.

Day 7: SENSE OF PURPOSE: Choose a value, set a goal.


There will be a choice of things to do each day, so you can tailor it to meet your personal preferences. Most of the activities are completely free, in case you’re broke after Christmas, plus there will be one or two optional extras that are very low cost.

As always, the daily tasks are designed to fit together and they don’t take up too much time. If you miss a day or two, don’t worry, you can always catch up at the weekend.


Who wants to cheer up a cold and rainy first week of January? Join in!


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  1. Yes I’m in and looking forward to reading your articles. A great thank you and Happy New Year.

  2. What a great idea!
    I’ll be giving it a go.
    The first week in January will always be a bit ‘hit and miss’ for me as the anniversary of a loved ones death falls then so boosts may be required.
    Good luck all.

  3. How inspirational. It made me smile just reading the list. It is so good to have a plan. January and February can be such low months, I’ll definitely be with you.
    Good luck everyone.

  4. Great, I am in a lot of pain and need things to look forward to and concentrate on.

  5. Hi Emma – Excellent news! Thank you for joining in, and please let us know how you get on with the different daily activities.

    Hello Ann-Marie – So sorry for your loss, an anniversary can be a very tough time indeed. I hope that the exercises and the community joining in will be an uplifting experience for you.

    Hi Denise – Glad to hear you like the plan, and it’s great to hear that it’s already making you smile. Perhaps I’ll have to do something else for us in February too, some kind of new challenge maybe.

    Hello Harriet – Oh no, sorry to hear that. Sending you hugs and wishes for an improvement in your health, and fingers crossed that the next few days will be a pleasant distraction.

  6. A little late to the party, playing catch up, story of my life, but not this year. Looking forward to tackling the challenges, rather than flying around and not really achieving anything

  7. Hi Annette – there’s still time to catch up and join in. Welcome to Jump Start January!

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