Jump Start January 2018: Day 4: Make your own happiness play fort

Jump Start January 2018 JSJan Day 4

Hi, how are you doing today? Today we are going to say a great big ‘yes’ to having more fun in our everyday lives by making our own happiness play fort.

We often mistakenly think that playing is only for children, or that creativity is reserved just for professional artists. However, every single human being is capable of play and being creative at every age, and each of us can benefit from it. Play is a way for our minds to become more open to new ideas and experiences, and the act of creating stimulates our imagination, reduces stress and allows us to express ourselves.

The activity for today is to improve or create a small physical space that will make your everyday life more fun. We are going to be deliberately making room for play and happiness. Personalise it so that it suits your own tastes and preferences.

If you’re low on funds, all you need to do is rearrange and repurpose a few things. If you have a little more to spend, create a shopping list or pick one or two things up.

Here are a few ideas to consider if you need some inspiration:

  • Create a reading nook with cushions, a throw, a lamp and a mini bookcase.
  • Make a designated art or craft area in a corner of a room, or beside your favourite chair.
  • Put a craft materials or Lego box on or under the living room table.
  • Turn your shower or bath into a smile zone with wash gel, sponges and body scrubs in easy reach.
  • Rearrange a garden shed or part of the kitchen to make a hobby more fun.
  • Move your favourite clothes and accessories to the front of the wardrobe if you love dressing up.
  • Love cycling? Find a new way to store / display your bike.
  • Make a corner of your sofa more comfy or pretty so you enjoy your favourite shows or film night more.
  • … or whatever else floats your boat.


Why make more time and space for play in our lives?

It’s easy to become so distracted or overworked that we forget to make time for fun. Play time is not wasted time, it’s an enriching experience that brings a sense of pleasure and satisfaction, and it’s a welcome break. Art, craft and other creative play can be very therapeutic too, helping to express and process all kinds of emotions and experiences.

Becoming immersed in creative or playful activities can make you feel like you’re in the zone, or experiencing a state known as ‘flow’. This is a pleasant state to be in, and it often leads to satisfying and rewarding results. Flow can make you feel energised and you may even find yourself losing track of time or forgetting everyday stresses and strains.

Worth making room for, yes?


What’s happening here?

I’ve decided to make the bathroom just that little bit nicer so I can splash about in the bath more happily. That includes getting some nice bubble bath and bath bombs out from the back of the cupboard, and not ‘keeping them for best’, which tends to simply mean not using them.

Also just picked up some nice-looking coconut and sugar body scrub from the supermarket, along with a new wash sponge for the princely (princessly?) total of £3.00. The plan is to have a soak in the bath with a hair masque on a couple of times a week, reading a book and listening to music. Verrry relaxing, and it definitely takes the edge off those chilly winter evenings.


What does your ideal happiness play fort look like? What steps can you take to start making it today?


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