Jump Start January 2017: Week 2: Day 1

Jump Start January 2017 Week 2 Day 1

As promised in the main Jump Start January schedule, this week we’re having a change of theme to keep things interesting. We’re having a week devoted to all kinds of different ways to boost our happiness levels and general wellbeing.

This can be a very broad topic as we’re all individuals, but all of these activities are known to have a positive effect on most people so give everything a go and see what works. All the ideas are free or inexpensive and there’s something no-cost to try every day. None of the inexpensive ideas cost more than £10, so that should be handy for those January budgets.

Let’s go!

Week Two Schedule


Today’s activity

Okay, let’s get stuck into this one right away. Today’s simple task is to go outside in the daylight for half an hour or so.

Sunshine is something that makes just about everyone feel more cheerful, and this time of year can be cold and grey with fewer hours of daylight. This might make us feel a bit tired or grumpy, or feel like hibernating, or have cravings for stodgy food. A bit of daylight can be a welcome boost to our mood, and it’s completely free.

During the wintery months the hour around midday tends to be the time that sunlight is strongest, so try to be outside to coincide with that if you can. It doesn’t even have to be bright and sunny weather, you can still benefit from the light even if it’s cloudy or drizzling and there’s no direct sunlight.

It’s up to you whether you go for a walk, do some gardening or work on the outside of your home, or sit outside a cafe with a big mug of hot chocolate. Whatever you do though, wrap up warmly – getting too cold definitely doesn’t make most people too happy.

If the weather’s terrible outside, such as heavy rain or extreme cold, try sitting by a window for an hour from midday instead. While you don’t make vitamin D from the light that passes through window glass, you can still gain some psychological benefits from the relatively brighter level of daylight.

The darker months can be especially difficult for some of us. Please make an appointment to see your GP if you have a low mood or think you might have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), there’s lots of help available.

How are you going to get your DDD (daily dose of daylight) today?


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  1. Daylight is the best freebie! I often work inside in sometimes windowless rooms so I’m always craving the light. Today I’m going out for a long walk with a neighbour’s dog.

  2. Only just seen this so can’t get a daylight fix now! I’ll have to try tomorrow 😊

  3. Hiya Nikki, you can get some daylight tomorrow or you can catch up with missed activities on Saturday if you prefer. Depends on the weather where you are 🙂

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