Jump Start January 2017: Week 1: Day 3

Jump Start January 2017 Week 1 Day 3 Penny Golightly

Hello again, how are you doing today? It’s Day Three of our Money-Saving Powerhouse Week, and today we’re doing something a little out of the ordinary for a money-saving challenge: we’re going to invest in something thrifty.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so caught up in cutting my outgoings I put off buying things that could make my life cheaper or more profitable in the long run. Sometimes it works, but other times it holds back my bigger plans, so it’s good to think it through more and find a balance there.

Today, have a serious think about items or services that could help you to save money. Ideally pick something that will pay for itself quickly, perhaps something that you could find in the January sales to keep the cost down.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A blanket or throw for the sofa, so you don’t have to put the heating on for as long in cold weather
  • Hot water bottle or microwaveable warmer, to keep you feeling toasty
  • A flask or insulated travel mug, so you don’t buy hot drinks on the way to work
  • Sandwich boxes, snack boxes or bento boxes, for thrifty packed lunches
  • Wide mouth vacuum food flask or jar, for cheap hot meals on the go
  • A slow cooker, to save on cooking fuel and make easy meals from cheaper cuts of meat, etc
  • An extra-warm thermal top, neck warmer or socks
  • Any app, planner or service that reminds you about important meetings, or stops you losing business receipts etc; basically anything that helps you to be more organised with work, income or money
  • A more reliable alarm clock so you aren’t late for work
  • Single-serve freezer boxes so you can do some batch cooking and avoid expensive takeaways
  • A bread machine discounted in the sales, so you can make your own bread cheaply
  • A sewing machine to make, mend or alter your own clothes, or make gifts and accessories with
  • A toolkit for home DIY, or for car or bike maintenance or repairs

For example, I usually take a bottle of filtered water with me on the train or the tube, but I’ve been re-using old Evian water bottles and they don’t last that long in my bag so I have to keep re-buying the Evian. I’m planning on drinking more water this January so I’m going to buy a much tougher re-usable bottle. There are some fun ones at Dotcomgiftshop, or I quite like this one in the sale at Amazon as well. What do you reckon?

You can either pick up your new item today, or add it to a shopping list to save up for or pick up later.

What do you need to invest in to be more thrifty during 2017?


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  1. Well I’m on a no spend month BUT I invested in a motivational water bottle last week and will take hot drinks in one of my many travel mugs to work to avoid Costa !
    I’ve made a 2 week meal plan to avoid takeaways so although I’m not investing in something thrifty I am investing mindfulness!!!
    Hope everyone is getting on ok today

  2. If you want to save money I can heartily recommend buying a coffee machine if you’re a slave to Starbucks. I used to be a few years ago and would easily spend over £25 a week on lattes on the way to work. I bought a second hand Delonghi espresso machine for £50 on eBay and now make myself a better tasting coffee at home before I leave. I buy 1kg bags of coffee beans from Amazon for less than a tenner which last for weeks, and honestly, with a bit of practice you can make coffee that’s much better than any of the high street chains.

    I’m going to buy a small insulated travel mug if I can find one, so I can start taking my home made coffee away with me on the days when I’m in a rush and have to drink it really quickly!

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