Jump Start January 2017: Week 1: Day 2

Jump Start January 2017 Week 1 Day 2 Penny Golightly

It’s Day Two of our Jump Start January 2017 Challenge, and today’s activity is to shop around like a boss.

What we’re doing today is spending a few minutes to properly research a purchase, and find the best possible deal. That could be for something you buy there and then in the sales, or it could be for something you’re intending to buy later in the year, such as a holiday, a replacement washing machine or a new car.

Here’s the running order:

  • Decide loosely what you’re looking for (new shoes, new book, new television etc), picking just one thing. Set a rough limit for how much you want to spend.
  • Consider whether it’s something you really need or really want, or whether it’s something that’s more of a whim. If it might be a whim, be strict with yourself 🙂
  • Read my recent article for npower called Be a Smarter Shopper (short and sweet, but lots of useful tips in there and some handy links to other resources too)
  • If you definitely need or want the item or service, start looking for reviews and / or ratings.
  • Shop around and compare prices with different comparison sites and individual retailers and providers. Try not to get spooked by short term offers if the purchase isn’t urgent, but do have a look in any seasonal sales.
  • Check for extra ways to bring the price down, searching for discount codes, discount vouchers, multi-buy offers, cashback, free postage and packing etc.

Make notes as you go along, and see how much you can save on the RRP.

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything today, just see how much it’s possible to save on your shopping when you make a little extra effort.

Let us know how you get on. Can anyone manage a 70% discount or better?


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  1. Cost per wear is a good rule of thumb most of the time, not always though I usually have to buy everyday shoes in the kids department, tiny feet. Cheaper but not very stylish!

  2. I shopped like a total boss just now! I’ve been looking for a new griddle pan as my old one is losing its non-stick coating quite badly. Everywhere I looked they were all around the £30 mark, some closer to £50. My last stop was John Lewis as I had a voucher to use from Christmas. Call it luck or call it fate, they had a special buy on the exact type of pan I was after, reduced from £36 to £18! So with my voucher I got it for free and have some left over. If that’s not shopping like a boss then I don’t know what is.

    Just shows what a little patience & research can do.

  3. I will research electric spiralizers later with a view to buy in February. I shopped like a boss for tomorrow’s lasagne. 4x mince reduced to 44p from £1.70 each, saving me a cool £5.04!
    Usually I buy randomly for things I cannot live without,lol,but this month I’m making a wish list for February and if I still need and can afford the item I’ll buy it next month or whenever I physically have the money. Have a great day everyone 😊

  4. Hi Jackie, I have small feet too and remind myself to look in the teens section when I’m shoe shopping. No VAT, so it does save some money.

    Hello Jackie T – So a short walk up the high street saved you 50% on the purchase and the gift voucher made it free. Does that count as a 100% saving? 😉

    Hi Nikki, I’m a big fan of shopping lists and wish lists, and there’s going to be a blog coming about this very subject soon…

    Penny xx

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