Jump Start Jan: Tenner Week: Day 7

It’s the final day of the Tenner Week Challenge – are you going to hit your target of sticking to that £10 budget? Today we’re looking at ways to make some quick cash by selling unwanted goods.

tenner week Jan 2014 sell something quick ways to make money

All you have to do today is go around your home and pick out three things that you no longer want or use. Put them aside to sell and ideally get the sale up and running before the end of the weekend, to keep up your momentum.

As a general rule of thumb, the quicker you want to sell an item, the less you’re going to get paid for it. However, it’s also a useful way to earn a little extra pocket money and clear some space. If you have anything that might be especially valuable, don’t go for the quickest option, and spend some time researching how to get the best price for it instead.

For quick fixes, try:

  • Selling on online auction sites such as eBay or Preloved
  • Selling DVDs and CDs to buying sites like MusicMagpie
  • A gold-buying service
  • A free ad on Gumtree or Loot
  • A garage, car boot or tabletop sale (weather permitting)
  • Offering items informally to friends or colleagues
  • Visiting an exchange shop like CashConverters (last resort)

What’s happening here

It’s high time I got round to putting the contents of that ‘Sell on eBay’ box onto eBay! If it’s only three listings then it isn’t that daunting – no need to keep putting it off… Tonight we’re having a really lazy dinner out of the freezer: fish fingers, oven chips, peas and beans. Not exactly gourmet, but hey, who doesn’t love chips?

Total TV watched: 4 hours (another show last night, and no TV tonight). Total spent: £6.58.

Tenner Week roundup: SUCCESS!

How did your Tenner Week go? Any special wins for you in the last seven days?

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  1. The week before last I had a really expensive week (as I was in London – always expensive!!) so this week I was determined to stick to the tenner challenge and I did woop!

    I had a lot of evenings in watching tv – and I also sold a dress which I never wear on ebay and got a good price of £17!

    So all in all it was a success for me too! Well done on your week, and thanks for the post

  2. Hiya Maggie – congratulations!! Well done for making more than you spent too 🙂

    Tenner Week is the best way I’ve found for clawing the finances back into shape after a little overspending, so glad it’s working for you too.

    P xx

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