Jump Start Jan: Tenner Week: Day 6

Today’s activity for Day Six of Tenner Week will let you have a little retail therapy without actually parting with any of your hard-earned cash, or putting any kind of dent in your bank balance.

tenner week Jan 2014 buy with points vouchers store credit

Yes, that’s right, today we are going to buy something without using any money. Or resorting to shoplifting.

Think about it. You probably have some of these beauties knocking around your home, wallet or purse, at the bottom of an email or in a virtual account. Maybe you’ve even forgotten all about it…

Your spending power includes:

  • Gift vouchers or cards
  • eVouchers
  • Full cafe loyalty stamp cards (free hot drink)
  • Supermarket points
  • High street chemist points
  • Nectar points or Avios points
  • Money-off vouchers (needing no extra spend)

If you’re spending, say, Tesco points, check their website for special offers in case you can double your points and get twice as many goodies. For online orders, also remember that many stores will allow you to use a Reserve & Collect service so you don’t have to spend money on postage.

Do you have a Boots Advantage Card? Check yours in an in-store machine and you might be offered a free gift.

What’s happening here?

I have an M&S voucher so it’s new underwear time! The less you know about the state of my knicker drawer the better, so let’s draw a veil over that, shall we?¬†Tonight’s dinner is a big veggie casserole with borlotti beans and leeks, one of the dishes I batch cooked a couple of weeks ago.

Total spent: ¬£6.58 (my favourite skincare product was half price in the chemist’s so I stocked up). Total TV watched: 180 minutes, but I’m planning on watching another episode of The Bridge 2 tonight so that’ll be the whole allowance gone.

What are you going to buy today without spending any money?

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  1. Loving tenner week Penny! I found a completed old Cafe Nero loyalty card in my purse that’s been in there for months today and used it for a free cappuccino. Coffee tastes better when it’s freeeeeeeee!!!

  2. Hiya Jackie! You’re so right, it DOES taste better when it’s free, and also when it’s cold or rainy outside.

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