Jump Start Jan: Tenner Week: Day 5

Day Five of Tenner Week, and I’m looking forward to a lazy Sunday tucked up all cosy and warm, and with something interesting to read. Interesting and free, that is.

tenner week Jan 2014 free books magazines study materials

There are so many good quality free things available here, so grab yourself one of these:

  • a book (most likely an ebook)
  • a magazine
  • educational materials

Where to look:

  • The ‘Top 100 Free’ tab on Amazon category pages
  • Project Gutenberg for classic books
  • WHSmith free section
  • Free Kobo format ebooks
  • Freebie magazine listings here and here

That’s just a starter – try searching for specific titles that you’re interested in as well.

Don’t forget, if you don’t own a particular e-reader device (Kobo, Kindle etc) then most of them have free official app software on their sites. This allows you to read ebooks and magazines on a PC or tablet.

What’s happening here

I have my eye on an anthology of short stories, and a classic novel or two today. Easy peasy. For dinner tonight we’re having a mini roast with lots of vegetables, and we’re going to eat it at the table with music on ‘cos I’m running out of TV time.

Yesterday was great, we went round a commercial gallery looking at alternative/punk art (but didn’t buy anything) and then went to see the free exhibition about Vivien Leigh at the National Portrait Gallery, stopping to have a free coffee at Caffe Nero thanks to the O2 Priority Moments app.

Meanwhile, total TV watched = 180 minutes (another episode of The Bridge last night), and total money spent = £1.59 so far (yesterday was a no-spend day).

How are you getting on? How’s your budget? Found any nice reading freebies?

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  1. Great idea, the library is also the simplest place for free reading, I sometimes pop in in my lunch break 🙂



  2. Hi Sophie, good point. As well as books and reference sections, many of them have magazines and newspapers as well – something for just about everyone…

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