Jump Start Jan: Tenner Week: Day 3

[Bad Geordie accent voiceover] “Day Three in the Tenner Week House, and the inmates are… making the most of possessions that they already own…” Think of today as ‘going shopping in your own cupboards’.

tenner week Jan 2014 shop your cupboards fitness clothes hobbies

We all have stuff lying around our homes that’s a bit unloved or even gathering dust, but we might use them more often if we saw them in a different light, or moved them to a different spot.

Today, have a look at one of these areas:

  • Clothing & accessories
  • Fitness equipment
  • Hobby materials or equipment

Just pick whichever broad subject area appeals to you the most, and think about how you can bring one rather ignored item back to life.

For example you could:

  • Rearrange your wardrobe and try to make two or three new outfits
  • Fix an item of clothing that needs rescuing from the mending pile
  • Move a dusty exercise bike from spare bedroom to in front of the TV
  • Tidy up the spot where you keep running kit or other sports gear
  • Dig out an exercise mat and / or fitness DVDs
  • Sort out and rearrange crafting kit
  • Find and rearrange study materials for any subject

What’s happening here?

Staying in tonight and making up a big batch of homemade pizza. That’ll give us one to eat straight out of the cooker and three in the freezer for another time. I’m also going to mend something in the mending pile, and if I’m getting better from this bug, might go out to the local pub as well for a swift half so I don’t feel like a recluse.

At the moment, TV watched = 60 mins (an episode of The Bridge season 2), total money spent so far = none.

What are you getting up to today? How’s your budget?

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  1. I have been watching Dinnerladies so a little more than 60mins. ( lot more tbh)
    money spent -£1.80
    And some great time reading old magazines. This tenner week is a great idea

  2. Hi Etta – so glad you’re having a good time! I’ve been digging out lots of old music and listening to more new stuff this week – slightly prefer that to hours of telly…

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