Jump Start Jan: Tenner Week: Day 2

Hiya! You’re going to like today’s Tenner Week activity – it’s all about finding yourself something nice for free. Ideally this should be a true freebie, where no additional spending is required. 

tenner week Jan 2014 find a freebie freebies day

Maybe you could even manage a no-spend day today. Maybe. Anyway, on with the freebie hunting.

Where could you look for free stuff today?

  • Local paper, free papers, national press, magazines
  • Deal sites and money saving sites
  • The @Debenhams twitter feed (free hot chocolate)
  • Nearby deli or posh supermarket (food samples)
  • Train stations at rush hour
  • Freebie sites (stick with the big names)
  • Perfume / beauty counters
  • Free trial gym memberships
  • O2 Priority Moments app offers (free WHSmith calendars)
  • Your local Freecycle, Freegle, or public noticeboards
  • The Free section on Preloved or Gumtree

Go! Go! Go! the best freebie-snagger wins a mystery prize.

What’s happening here?

The only money I’ve spent so far is work-related travel and expenses (which don’t count), so the £10 budget is still intact. No TV has been watched either due to having an early night yesterday, but I’m jonesing for something to watch now because I’m feeling a bit under the weather, and would like to go for the duvet-sofa-telly option.

Food’s been good so far: bangers n mash last night made me feel a bit more human, and it’s black bean burritos tonight (frozen beans and flour tortillas, jar of salsa from the cupboard, salad from the garden, cheese from the fridge). Beau can make them, or, using the correct technical term, throw them together. Better have some Vitamin C while I’m at it.

How are you getting on? What have you spent? Did you forget about the TV diet or is it all under control?

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  1. Loving tenner week so far…and you can get some great things from freebie sites! I’m using up sachets and things I’ve had tucked away and never get round to using 🙂



  2. I made a chilli on the Thursday and we had leftovers this evening, it was lovely. And we went to the pub and had a few mugs of tea ( total 1.80) it was heaven!

  3. Hi Sophie – there’s nothing quite like a ‘spa at home for free’ evening. Especially when it’s cold and rainy outside.

    Hi Etta – leftover chilli gets even better overnight in the fridge, I swear. Had the leftovers from my Thursday night chilli for lunch on Friday and it was delicious.

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